Traveling through the New Jersey country side on a winding, tree-lined road, you will come to Russo's Orchard Lane Farm, which is a family owned and operated 250-acre fruit, vegetable, and greenhouse tomato farm. All farm produce is picked fresh daily and sold in our farm market on the farm or at Trenton Farmers Market located in Trenton. We also sell a fine selection of other fruits, Vegetables, jams, jellies, cider, fall decorations, Christmas trees, and more. We are open daily from May to December. We are proud to still be farming after 85 years and four generations, with hopefully a fifth generation to follow. Come take a relaxing drive in the country, and share a day together as a family to visit our family and meet your future farmers (our fifth generation) who will someday provide you with your farm fresh produce.


Our Fall Farm Activities Picking Russo's Delicious Apples Fall Farm Scenic Hayride Challenging 7 Acre Corn Maze Visiting Our Big Pumpkin Patch Riding On The Straw/Wooden Head Horses Milking Our Wooden Cow Playing In The Big Sandbox Food Provided By: Poppin Don's Kettle Corn Smokin' Cole's BBQ


The Russo family originated in a small town in Sicily called Messina. It was there in the early 1900’s that Anthony Russo decided to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to America. When Anthony arrived at Ellis Island, New York he had a dream of traveling to California and growing grapes. To his disappointment, he soon discovered that he did not have enough money for the trip because when he reached into his pocket, all he had was thirty-five cents. That definitely would not get him to California. The only choice he had was to find work. Anthony’s first job in America was a water boy for the trains. He had to carry buckets filled with fresh drinking water to each of the workers. The next job he had was working for the Stetson Hat Company. Long hours were spent scrapping the fur from rabbit pelts to provide the necessary material to make fashionable hats for men. Eventually, he returned to farming, but as a worker for others. As time passed, he changed his mind about growing grapes in California and purchased a farm in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Anthony, along with wife Madeline, grew fruits and vegetables and raised a family of three boys and three girls. Anthony also played an important role in the development of the Trenton Farmers’ Market in Trenton, New Jersey. Continuing family tradition, Nicholas C. Russo, the youngest son of Anthony, farmed the home farm. Nicholas understood the need to support the Trenton Farmers’ Market but also realized the need and benefit of selling his produce locally on the farm. Through his hard work, knowledge, and dedication, his market grew from a small wagon under a tree to a prosperous farm market. Nicholas and Dorothy, his wife, raised a family of three, two girls and one son. Due to the growing population of Mt. Holly in 1973, Nicholas and his son sought a new location for the family farm. Much time was spent determining the right place. Eventually, they decided on a farm in Chesterfield, New Jersey. With the purchase of the new farm, much work was needed. New buildings needed to be constructed, orchards planted, and a home for Nicholas’ son, and his family had to be established. Nicholas Jr. along with wife Marilyn, and their four children, two boys and two girls, were excited to begin this new farm endeavor. As his grandfather and father before him, Nicholas continued growing farm fresh produce to sell at the Trenton Farmers’ Market and the farm market in Mt. Holly. Because of public interest in picking apples, Nicholas opened the farm for pick-your-own apples. As the pick-your-own tradition grew the customers became interested in purchasing other farm fresh fruits and vegetables. A wagon was soon used to display and sell produce. This was the beginning of other pick-your-own produce and a farm market in the packing house. In 1984, Nicholas had the opportunity to purchase a greenhouse tomato business. The business has grown from four greenhouses to a total of fifteen greenhouses today. In 1990, a new addition, the farm market was built. The new addition allowed for a larger variety of fruits and vegetables, jams and jellies, and other seasonal items to be displayed and sold. Michael, Nicholas’ youngest son, farms today along with his father. Over the years, farming has changed in many ways and Michael (fourth generation) has learned all this from farming with his grandfather and his father. His interest in new ideas and new technology has enabled him to establish many new projects on the farm. He continues to sell fresh produce on the farm and at the Trenton Farmers’ Market. Michael and his wife, Nichole, have two sons, Michael and Louis Russo, which will be our fifth generation. When asked the question, “Are you going to be a farmer like your dad when you grow up?” They respond adamantly, “We are already farmers!” On any given day, you will find them hard at work farming with their toy tractors in the big farm sandbox or in the orchards just eating. They are making sure their daddy is growing the best.

Nicholas Russo

Michael and Louis Russo

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For the last 30 years Russo's Orchard Lane Farm, a fruit and vegetable operation, has provided spring and fall educational agricultural tours to area children in Grade K-4. Gain first hand knowledge of what it takes for a fourth generation family to successfully manage and operate a 250 acre farm, a farm market, and a pick your own business. In the spring (late May-June), visiting the farm focuses on Strawberries, the in season crop. Children take hay rides to the strawberry fields where they pick their own berries using their very own special pails provided by the Russo's. After a fun filled adventure of picking the children return to the educational area to meet E-Moo-Ly, the wooden cow, for an up close and personal experience milking her. After saying goodbye with berry filled pails in hand, the children receive a dairy and a strawberry coloring book to remember their spring visit. In the fall (late September to end of October), through Russo's very own colored illustrated storybook, family history and stories are shared. Children will learn about the in season crops, apples and pumpkins. The children will realize the planting, pollinating, irrigating and harvesting it takes during the four seasons to grow and apple. They walk to the apple orchard, pick apples and the return to the educational area to see first hand how apples are prepared for market with washing, grading and packing. Before selecting their pumpkin, the children are prepped in how to "talk pumpkin" and then enjoy seeing Mr. and Mrs. Russo's decorated pumpkin heads. Each student will take home their apples, pumpkin and the Russo's Orchard Lane Farm coloring book to remember their visit to the farm.


Russo's Orchard Lane Farm 310 Extonville Road Chesterfield, New Jersey 08515 (609) 259-3684

Market Hours
May 1st through October
Monday-Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday - Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm

November through December
Call for store hours
Closed Thanksgiving Day
For health and safety reasons there are No Pets allowed in the market or on the farm.